By ons is reëls min, kos in oorvloed en hooggety soms onvermydelik

Kaya Beach is ‘n gesellige strand tema restaurant waar vriende en familie sorgloos saam kuier en jy die sagte seesand tussen jou tone voel kriewel terwyl ‘n gevoel van ontspanning jou gemoed oorvloei. In die agtergrond kan die skaterlag van kinders gehoor word soos hulle die buitelug en speelarea geniet.

Daar word ses maaltye aangebied waaraan jy na hartelus kan smul.Vir die matrose wat hulself nie mag verstout aan seekos nie, bied ons ‘n heerlike bees- en hoenderpotjie as alternatief. Onthou om ‘n plekkie oop te los as jy beplan om jouself met garnale te bederf. Maak seker dat jou lagkassie (koelboks)  mooi vol gepak is vir die geleentheid, – om een of ander onverklaarbare rede bly jou glas altyd so half-half leeg!

Onthou – Geen glas glase word op die eiland toegelaat nie. Enige ander glase bv. plastiek, blikbekers ens, is reg. (Let wel – Bier-, en wyn bottels word wel toegelaat want dit is ‘n “harde glas” wat nie breek as dit omval nie)

Kaya Beach Grootfontein

With us rules are few, food is in abundance and high tide is sometimes unavoidable

About Kaya Beach Bloem

Kaya Beach is a beach themed restaurant and function venue suitable for the entire family. We are situated just outside of Bloemfontein, approximate 4km from the N1.

Kaya Beach offers quite a unique concept unlike any other restaurant you’ve come across. We supply the food and you supply your own drinks. Pack a cooler box and head to the beach; Kaya Beach!

We are not like other typical restaurants. We have specific sailing sessions and we follow an island programme where we bring out the meals in intervals so not like an ordinary buffet set up. We also host a fun raffle to keep our sailors entertained. Our music is a bit louder than normal restaurants, creating an awesome vibe without being too overpowering. This, together with the fire pits situated all around the island, creates the perfect environment for rest and relaxation.


Throughout the year Kaya Beach is only open over weekends, however, should a party of 20 or more sailors wish to book a function with us during the week, we will gladly assist. During the November / December period, Kaya Beach is open every day of the week for double sessions, except for Sundays where we only open for the afternoon session.

Our sessions are as follows:

  • Afternoon (from 10:30 until 15:30)
  • Evening (from 17:30 until 22:30)


What makes us a really economically friendly choice is that all our sailors (that is, restaurant patrons) are required to bring along their own cooler boxes filled with whatever it is that they are drinking. Yes, that’s right! You and your crew are allowed to bring in all your own drinks without having to pay corkage. Relax with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand. All sailors are required to bring in all their own cups as well as anything else drinks related, including but not limited to: bottle openers, ice, straws, plastic cups etc. No glass drinking glasses will be allowed on the island. Please ensure you have either plastic, tin, paper or polystyrene. Beer and wine bottles are allowed. 



Please do not visit Kaya Beach if you or your crew mates are on diet. The Kaya Crew will not be held liable for any additional {but oh, so worthwhile} kg’s incurred.

Our menu consists of a delicious, hearty, 5 course meal. The meals are brought out in 30 – 40 minute intervals and sailors are required to dish up for themselves. If you go home hungry, you only have yourself to blame.

To start off with, we serve a divine, creamy mussel soup accompanied by our farm bread. We allow about 30 minutes to pass before we introduce the next 2 meals; our famous chicken potjie and vegetable potjie. After a further 30 – 40 minutes, we bring out our signature beef potjie (our Captains favourite). Once that has settled and the feeding frenzy starts winding down, sailors help themselves to tea, coffee and koeksisters.

If you and your crew have ordered extra prawns or snoek (at an additional cost), you let the Captain know when you’d like these to be served and he will arrange them for you on your request.

RATES – Valid until the 30th September 2018

  • Adults – R250.00 per person
  • Children (5-11) – R95.00 per person
  • Toddlers (1-4) – R65.00 per person
  • Babies (0-12months) – Free
  • Portion of 10 Prawns – R150.00 per portion
  • 200g portion of Snoek served with a lemon butter sauce – R50.00 per portion


If the buffet style set menu is not for you, why not opt for the self-catering braai option. Kaya Beach will supply the braai and a 25kg bag of fire wood for you and your crew as well as a side of pap and sheba. We will also get the fire started for you. Since this is a self-catering option, you and your crew are required to bring in all your own meats, salads, cutlery, crockery, braai utensils etc. Don’t forget to bring your cooler box! Please note this option is only available to groups of 10 or more sailors. Two options are available for the braai option: with your own drinks and without your own drinks.

BRAAI OPTION RATES – Valid until the 30th September 2018

  • Bring your own cooler box
    • Adults – R120.00pp
    • Kids (1 – 11) – R60.00pp
  • No cooler box allowed (support the bar)
    • Adults – R100.00pp
    • Kids (1-11) – R50.00pp


Our island makes the perfect function venue whether it is for a birthday party, engagement celebration, year-end bash or a wedding. Great for corporate events!

Should you wish to rent out a section of the island exclusively for you and your crew, please let us know and we will quote accordingly.


Bookings are essential as we cater per person. To book your spot on the island for you and your crew, please visit our website and complete the online booking form.

There are no minimum numbers required to make a booking. Anything from the romantic couples’ dinner to the over the top birthday party of 100 sailors plus. We encourage them all! Please do take note, we will only open for a session if there is a collective minimum amount of 20 sailors.


Once the online booking form has been completed, you may click on the calculate price button for an estimated quotation. Kindly note, this function does not calculate the venue hire rates. Should you require a formal quotation, the Kaya Crew will be able to generate a quotation only after the online provisional booking has been made and a reference number has been generated.

Looking forward to sailing with you and your crew soon!

The Kaya Crew


082 603 6105 / 081 321 0658


59 Ted Dean Street

Ferreira, Bloemfontein

29˚12’38.5”S 26˚10’24.7”E